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Biochar Updates

Biochar Included as an "Innovative Approach" in just-released UNEP Climate Change Science Compendium 2009

By: Thayer Tomlinson

The UNEP Climate Change Science Compendium is a review of some 400 major scientific contributions to our understanding of Earth Systems and climate that have been released through peer-reviewed literature or from research institutions over the last three years, since the close of research for consideration by the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (to see the full Compendium, go to

New Research Opportunities at US and UK Institutions

By: Thayer Tomlinson

Both Cranfield University (UK) and the University of Idaho (US) have positions open for biochar researchers at thier institutions.  Closing dates are September 30, 2009 and October 30, 2009 respectively. For more information on each opportunity, please see the IBI jobs board.


IBI Releases Biochar Pathways Matrix

By: IBI Staff

IBI has recently completed a matrix on biochar pathways best suited for different environments including technologies, feedstocks, by-products, sustainability issues, and advantages and challenges. If you have suggestions or additions to this document, please contact Kelpie Wilson.

Invitation to Take Biochar Survey sponsored by UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

By: Thayer Tomlinson

A Review of the Potential Benefits, Costs and Issues Surrounding the Addition of Biochar to Soils

New Bill in US Senate would create pilot program for black carbon-free stoves

By: Thayer Tomlinson

Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) introduced a bill this week to promote the use of fuel-efficient stoves that produce significantly less carbon than traditional stoves.

Prof Ian Lowe's Poem to Biochar

By: Thayer Tomlinson

Taken from Dr. Lowe's address to the 1st Asia-Pacific Biochar Conference, Gold Coast, May 2009.

IBI Launches New Website

By: IBI Staff

The International Biochar Initiative is rolling out a new website to better inform the public and to help members of the biochar community network and share information.

IBI hopes that researchers, commercial entities, policy makers, development agents, farmers and gardeners, and others committed to sustainable biochar production and utilization will take advantage of all the new resources they will find on the site. These include:

The Secrets of Soil--Terra Preta at the Smithsonian

By: Thayer Tomlinson

Terra Preta at the Smithsonian"Dig It!" an exhibition on soil at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC features a monolith of typical Terra Preta soil complete with layers and pottery shards.  IBI Chairman of the Board, Johannes Lehmann, worked with the Smithsonian Museum to ensure that this important example of soil was included in the exhibit.  To see more information on Dig It!, visit the website at: read more...

Worldwatch Report: Mitigating Climate Change Through Food and Land Use

By: IBI Staff

Worldwatch Institute has issued a new report on agriculture and climate that points to biochar as an important climate solution:

Mitigating Climate Change Through Food and Land Use
Sara J. Scherr and Sajal Sthapit
hardcopy or ebook -  $12.95   

From the summary: 

New ag report from Deutsche Bank discusses biochar

By: IBI Staff

The Deutsche Bank, in collaboration with The Nelson Institute's Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW), released a new report today on agriculture and climate change that includes several mentions of biochar as an important agricultural and climate mitigation tool.