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Biochar Updates

Submit an Abstract to the Joint International Biochar Symposium 2015, Geisenheim, Germany (due August 2, 2015)

By: Thayer Tomlinson

Photo courtesy of: Jan Schindler
The Joint International Biochar Symposium 2015: Understanding Biochar Mechanisms for Practical Implementation

landSeptember 28 - 30th, 2015 in Geisenheim, Germany
Final EU-COST Action "Biochar" & 76. ANS e.V. Symposium

Friday July 17: Participate in the Livestock and Poultry Environmental (LPE) Learning Center Educational Webcast Series on Manure Management and Biochar

By: Thayer Tomlinson

The July IBI Webinar Series Presentation from Dr. Annette Cowie is now Available for Members

By: Thayer Tomlinson

On July 15, 2015, Dr. Annette Cowie of New South Wales (NSW) Department of Primary Industries, Australia, presented: Bringing biochar to the carbon market: the role of science. Dr. Cowie discussed the hurdles that must be overcome for biochar projects to enter carbon markets, and the role that science plays in supporting the development of methodologies for calculating credits.

IBI Posts a new White Paper for Members on Biochar for the Remediation of Soils Contaminated with Potentially Toxic Elements

By: Thayer Tomlinson

IBI is pleased to post a new resource for members entitled Biochar for the Remediation of Soils Contaminated with Potentially Toxic Elements (PTEs) by Hailong Wang, Xiaokai Zhang, and Marta Camps-Arbestain. Members can read and download the white paper by logging in at The paper presents an overview of the issue, how biochar can be used as a remedial amendment, the efficacy of biochar in reducing PTE mobility and bioavailability, and references a number of recent studies.

Read all about the first World CharDay event activities from the Ithaka Institute

By: Thayer Tomlinson

The Ithaka Institute has published a report from the first World CharDay event. Initiated by the Ithaka Institute, the event (held in June 2015) included participants from at least 12 different countries around the globe. Read about the individuals who participated and provided their biochar production information at

Support Biochar Bob's work to increase the use of biochar in organic farming in the Domincan Republic

By: Thayer Tomlinson

More information on this work is available at

From Biochar Bob: "My name is Bob Cirino, and I’m inspired to build paradise on Earth. To me, paradise is where society is beautifully integrated with nature. Paradise is a place where humans can express their humanity to the maximum of their ability while maintaining the health of the environment around them.

Submit an Abstract to Advanced Compost and Biochar Processings: Solution for Economical Phosphorus Recovery Conference (due August 17)

By: Thayer Tomlinson

Advanced Compost and Biochar Processings: Solution for Economical Phosphorus Recovery Conference - September 17-18. Toledo, Spain

Conference registration:

Participation is free from the EU28 Member States, registration is mandatory which is valid only after confirmation from the organizers, number of attendees is limited, EU stakeholders welcome.

Participate in a webinar on Biochar and Applications for Restoration in the Uinta Basin

By: Thayer Tomlinson

Biochar and Applications for Restoration in the Uinta Basin; more information at
Date: Tuesday July 28, 2015
Time: 12 pm – 1 pm MST
Speakers: Chris Peltz, Soil Scientist and Darren McAvoy, USU Forestry Extension Associate

Participate in crowd funding a new biochar innovation in South Africa

By: Thayer Tomlinson

From the NewCarbon Prototype:
With this campaign we want to raise awareness of Biochar, our technology, and gain your support to complete the construction of the first NewCarbon Prototype and run our first production and testing campaigns.
The information gained from our Research and Development work, using the NewCarbon Prototype, will be used to develop specific environmental-socio-economic projects within our poorer communities. We aim to have our first community project up and running towards the later part of 2015.

Presenting the IBI Online Biochar Training Course

By: Thayer Tomlinson

Are you interested in gaining more in-depth knowledge on biochar and biochar systems? A new online course from IBI, Biochar Training for Environmental Sustainability and Economic Development, is an intensive training series on all aspects of biochar, presented by leading biochar experts. Students have the opportunity to learn about best-science updates on biochar to promote the uptake of biochar production and use, and actions necessary to overcome the barriers to commercialization of the biochar industry.