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Biochar Updates

Participate in a webinar on Biochar and Applications for Restoration in the Uinta Basin

By: Thayer Tomlinson

Biochar and Applications for Restoration in the Uinta Basin; more information at
Date: Tuesday July 28, 2015
Time: 12 pm – 1 pm MST
Speakers: Chris Peltz, Soil Scientist and Darren McAvoy, USU Forestry Extension Associate

Participate in crowd funding a new biochar innovation in South Africa

By: Thayer Tomlinson

From the NewCarbon Prototype:
With this campaign we want to raise awareness of Biochar, our technology, and gain your support to complete the construction of the first NewCarbon Prototype and run our first production and testing campaigns.
The information gained from our Research and Development work, using the NewCarbon Prototype, will be used to develop specific environmental-socio-economic projects within our poorer communities. We aim to have our first community project up and running towards the later part of 2015.

Presenting the IBI Online Biochar Training Course

By: Thayer Tomlinson

Are you interested in gaining more in-depth knowledge on biochar and biochar systems? A new online course from IBI, Biochar Training for Environmental Sustainability and Economic Development, is an intensive training series on all aspects of biochar, presented by leading biochar experts. Students have the opportunity to learn about best-science updates on biochar to promote the uptake of biochar production and use, and actions necessary to overcome the barriers to commercialization of the biochar industry.

Register now for the June Biochar Webinar Series with Josh Kearns discussing Low-cost water treatment using biochar (June 22)

By: Thayer Tomlinson

BiocharEXPO 2015 coming soon June 24 - 27, 2015 at the Gardens of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Milan, Italy

By: Thayer Tomlinson

For more information, please see:

Date: 24 - 27 June, 2015
Location: Gardens of the Faculty of Agriculture, Milan

IBI Launches the Online IBI Biochar Classification Tool

By: Thayer Tomlinson

In order to better understand how a specific biochar may function when incorporated as a soil amendment, IBI has developed an online tool that allows producers and other stakeholders to classify their biochar materials based on a set of physicochemical properties. Biochar may offer direct and indirect benefits when applied to soils.

Participate in CHARdays 2015--a global event for the biochar community, June 18 - 21

By: Thayer Tomlinson

Participate in CHARdays 2015--worldwide from 18th to 21st June 2015. "The Ithaka Institute launches a global charring event for the biochar community (i.e. farmers, gardeners, industries, companies, academics) to showcase their char making talents and demonstrate to the world the carbon impact our growing community can have on climate change.

Biochar Terms and Definitions

By: Thayer Tomlinson

Biochar is one of several different materials derived from thermochemical conversion processes. To help standardize terminology and reduce confusion, IBI recently published a list of Terms and Definitions related to biochar. The terms defined include: biochar, hydrochar, pyrogenic carbonaceous material (PCM), char, charcoal, ash, activated carbon, black carbon and soot. The definitions are adapted from the recently released second edition of Biochar for Environmental Management textbook.

3rd Asia Pacific Biochar Conference (October 2016) announces request for proposals to host a special session at the event (due October 31, 2015)

By: Thayer Tomlinson

If you are interested in hosting a special session at the 2016 Asia Pacific Biochar Conference: A  Shifting Paradigm towards Advanced Materials and Energy/Environment Research (October 19–23, 2016, Gangwon Province, Korea), you can submit an application through the conference website at This application is due October 31 2015.

Collaborate with the African Biochar Expert Group Project; first meeting May 27 and 30, Potsdam, Germany

By: Thayer Tomlinson

The SIANI African Biochar Expert group is in the process of starting a network of researchers and development professionals with experience and interest in biochar. They are interested in getting in touch with ongoing biochar activities in Africa, as well as with people who are interested in information about biochar development in Africa.