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Biochar Conferences

IBI believes that bringing biochar enthusiasts, researchers, policy makers, producers, and users together is a key to moving biochar into the mainstream.  International and regional biochar conferences allow for an exchange of ideas and information in one place that is essential for the field.

After initially acting as conference organizer for global biochar conferences, IBI has for several years sponsored international conferences through a proposal process. IBI continues to invite applications to be named “Global IBI Conference” for a given year. Proposals are sought annually and details can be found here.

IBI has hosted three international conferences to date and sponsored two others. The first international conference took place in April/May 2007 in Terrigal, Australia with a total of 107 participants from 13 countries, representing scientists, economists, farmers, commercial interests, risk management ventures, representatives of the governments of Australia and New Zealand, the media, and others. Just over a year later, in September 2008, IBI hosted the second international conference in Newcastle, United Kingdom, "Biochar, Sustainability and Security in a Changing Climate" with over 225 attendees from 31 different countries and over 70 presentations. In September 2010, IBI held the 3rd International Conference in partnership with Embrapa in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The fourth international biochar conference took place in September 2012 in Beijing China, and the fifth international conference was held in October 2013 in Bari, Italy.

Upcoming local, regional and national conferences are listed on the IBI website Calendar. Please send us information if you are planning a conference.

Previous Biochar Conferences

Regional biochar conferences allow participants to focus in on industry, research, and implementation of biochar in a certain area. Click on any of the links below for more conference information. The conferences listed below are those that have a good deal of information/presentations included online.