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Discussions and Social Networking

One of the most exciting things about the topic of biochar is the active community of biochar enthusiasts. People from all over the world participate frequently in biochar discussion lists, social networks, blogs, and host websites. The resources below are those known to IBI--if you are participating in or hosting a discussion/network that is not included, please bring it to our attention to add to this list. Discussion lists not only engage supporters but serve a good role in asking/answering questions, forming strategies, and getting a better idea of what is happening on the ground.

Discussion Lists

The active discussion list community (currently mainly in English) is through the Yahoo Groups Biochar List (links are below but can also be found on the informative website run by Tom Miles). There are also many LinkedIn discussion groups in the following topics: Biochar Commercialisation; Biochar Offsets (has a number of sub groups); International BioChar and BioCarbon Group; Biochar Farms & Gardens. These require logging in to LinkedIn.

  • Yahoo Groups Biochar List: This is the best list for both general topics and beginners. It is dedicated to introducing the emerging, exciting new climate-energy-soils technology called "Biochar" to those who are new to the concept. This is where the list started, and folks with more experience with the biochar topic can help answer questions and help direct people to the appropriate specialized list for more detailed answers to their questions.
  • Yahoo Groups Biochar Remediation List: This is the home for discussion devoted to technical issues concerning biochar use as a soil and environmental remediation technology. This will be the place where words such as "runoff", "leaching", "decontamination" and "biostimulation" will be used. This list will also be the pre-dominant location of terms such as "phytoremediation", "pollutants", "contamination", "surface water", "groundwater" and "aqifers" etc. This list will encompass all possible scales of use in soil or on its own as a remediation agent or technology. The list will encourage discussion of all possible geographic areas - and all possible forms of remediation techologies that might use or benefit from biochar. Discussion of biochar for use in phytoremediation/bioremediation will be encouraged.