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Researcher Launches Crowdfunding Project to Study Restoration Potential of Biochar

Fri, 07/29/2016
Robert Mills

Lutchmee Sujeeun recently graduated from the Forest Conservation program at the University of Toronto. Sujeen has worked with supervisor Sean Thomas for the past two years doing research on the restoration potential of biochar. Recently, we have been testing the potential of biochar to sorb allelochemicals produced by tropical invasive plants and allow the regeneration of endemic plants that are suppressed by these invasive weeds.

Sujeeun plans to set up an experiment in Mauritius to test if biochar can slow the spread of the tropical invasive plant, strawberry guava, and allow native forests to come back. Only about 1% of the remaining forests is occupied by native plants. Consequently, the vast majority of endemic species in Mauritius are on the brink of extinction. The project can help protect the endemic species by restoring their native habitat. Biochar can also combat climate change by increasing carbon sequestration.

Sujeeun has launched a crowdfunding project to fund the minimum amount required to make the project possible. Please take a look at the project page and video on ( and consider donating a small amount if you are interested. If possible, please share it with groups and/or individuals who might be interested in the project. Feel free to contact Sujeeun at or 647-464-3740.