stove camp participantsby Paola Rosà

After several stove workshops earlier in 2011, researchers, artisans, engineers and young academics from different Italian universities and groups gathered in San Michele all’Adige close to Trento (Italy) on 9th and 10th of September. The Foundation Mach hosted the event which was organized by the Training Center for International Cooperation together with the Autonomous Province of Trento. The event helped almost 25 Italian “stovers” to get in touch, exchange information and build a promising network.

Lead by Christa Roth (GIZ food and fuel consultant), Christoph Messinger (GIZ) and Dale Andreatta (Aprovecho), the group worked together to share experience in stove construction, emission measurement and cooking tests. Some of the camp participants work internationally building and developing stove projects in Tanzania, Chad, Sierra Leone and Pakistan and they are all active in biochar research, but they also appreciated the possibility to see the Aprovecho rocket stoves at work. Cooks from the Slow Food Club prepared polenta, sausages, beans and barley for almost 80 people on Saturday morning, when a selected group of representatives of local institutions (Departments of Energy, Solidarity, Green Building, and Emergency Relief) were invited to collaborate with the “Italian stove community”.

The TLUD by Paul Anderson and different “homemade” biomass and charcoal stoves brought by Christa and by other “stovers” were a useful range of items for comparison and information, but the main issue of this first “Trentino Stove Camp”, hosted in the week “Fuoco Perfetto” during Dale Andreatta’s visit to Italy, was building a new platform for exchange and networking.

Miki Ferrandino, a permaculture consultant, describes some highlights in his blog: http://en.netlog.com/groups/nature_first/blog/blogid=4750398#blogbuona.