We are a multidisciplinary team based in King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, devoting most of our research efforts for biochar related research. The group is the first research team that studies various aspects of biochar and activated carbon in Saudi Arabia and probably in the Arabic gulf region. The group welcomes local and international collaboration and knowledge exchange. For more information on this group, please contact Dr. Mohammad I. Al-Wabel at: malwabel@KSU.EDU.SA.

Our mission is to excel in the biochar and activated carbon related research and to observe their effects on the quality of air, soil, and water resources. We subsequently provide stakeholders with guidelines and cutting edge knowledge for production and usage in different agricultural, ecological, and industrial disciplines.

Creation of a regional platform for the dissemination of biochar and activated carbon technologies and research in order to enlighten the Saudi and neighbouring agricultural societies about their importance for climate change, soil enhancement, and water saving and remediation in arid and semi-arid regions.

To offer high quality researches can be applied for the specific following aspects of biochar and activated carbon:

  • Optimization of a methodology for biochar production from locally available wastes.
  • Determine the efficiency of carbon sequestration in biochar amended sandy soil.
  • Evaluate the effect of “Biochar’’ on some important physic-chemical soil properties and water saving.
  • Optimize a method for activated carbon (AC) production from different wastes.
  • Assess the potential of produced biochar and activated carbon for remediation of soil and industrial wastewater.
  • Provide estimates of GHG emission reduction with different biochar scenarios.
  • Providing farmers with technical assistance in biochar soil applications.
  • Guiding the agricultural sector towards an efficient methodology for farm residues management.
  • Communicate the research results to the business community in order.

Currently running funded projects:

  1. Pyrolysis of Conocarpus Wastes as a Mitigation Technology for Climate Change and Activated Carbon Production (PyroTech), 24 Months project funded by the Saudi National plan for research and technology (NPST)
  2. Biochar and activated carbon as a means for reducing levels of pesticide residues in contaminated soils to preserve water and plant resources,(CHAR-PEST), 24 Months project funded by the Saudi National plan for research and technology (NPST)

Future work

  1. Carbon nanotubes from agricultural wastes and novel nanocomposites for remediation of water and waste water.
  2. Adapting Biochar as practise work within agriculture society.
  3. Biocharing the wastes from airy wastes as beneficial energy source plus climate change advantages.

The Group:
Prof. Mohammad Al-Wabel, PhD, Principle
Prof. Abdurabrasoul Al-Omran, PhD,  member
Dr. Ahmed Elnaggar, PhD, member
Dr Adel  Rabie, PhD, member
Mr. Mahmoud Nadeem, Msc, member
Mr. Zaheer Ahmed, Msc, member
Mr Jamal Tajeldin, PhD student
Mr Khalid Alanazi, Master student