About the IBI Biochar Standards

Relation to the IBI Biochar Certification Program

On May 29, 2013, IBI officially launched the IBI Biochar Certification Program, developed to further grow the biochar industry. With this program biochar manufacturers are able to certify that their product meets quality standards and is safe for application to soils. Once certified, biochars can carry the IBI CertifiedTM biochar seal on their product label. The IBI Biochar Standards serve as the foundation for the IBI Biochar Certification Program and certification approval requires that biochar(s) pass testing requirements specified by the IBI Biochar Standards.

Process for Revisions of the IBI Biochar Standards

IBI will make periodic revisions to the IBI Biochar Standards based on further development in the fields of biochar science and technology, regulatory changes, and feedback from the public, particularly users of the IBI Biochar Standards. Revisions occur in two forms—policy revisions and technical program revisions—and are effective the date of publication on IBI’s website.

Policy revisions occur when there is a substantive change to the policies, rules, and/or scope of the IBI Biochar Standards that may change the eligibility or acceptability of a biochar material. Technical program revisions occur when technical or editorial changes are deemed necessary. For further details, please review Section 6 “Revisions to the IBI Biochar Standards” in Version 2.1.

A Brief History of the IBI Biochar Standards Development Process

IBI began work on the IBI Biochar Standards in May 2009.  The document was developed through a collaborative and inclusive process with the input from the international biochar community to ensure multiple perspectives on the use and functionality of this tool.  The process design also provided for a final balloting period that would allow all registered, current members of IBI to vote whether or not to adopt the IBI Biochar Standards as the basis for their own regulatory or certification programs.

In May 2012 IBI’s membership approved the initial version (retroactively titled Version 1.0) of the IBI Biochar Standards by a 91% majority.  In April 2013 IBI published Version 1.1 of the IBI Biochar Standards to address technical program revisions.  In October 2014 IBI published Version 2.0 of the IBI Biochar Standards to address both policy and technical program revisions.  In November 2015, IBI published Version 2.1 of the IBI Biochar Standards to address several technical program revisions.

The complete process history record, including all draft versions leading up to Version 1.0 of the document, compiled comments received, and minutes from Working Group Meetings is available in this document archive.

Documents for Download

IBI Biochar Standards Version 2.1: