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About Conference

The world is facing its extinction with the climatic changes, Global Warming, emerging and re-emerging new diseases uncontrollable waste generation, Depleting natural resource along with poverty and water scarcity. The Scientist from all over the world doing their best to compete with the Problems for the wellbeing of the Society.

Numerous research’s lack the implementation, Biotechnology 2020 is an attempt to culminate the World’s Promising innovative minds and to discuss their ideas through the presentation.

Why to attend the Conference?

We have to join our hands to fight against the Outbreak of Diseases in society. It is a huge battle to fight, all the interdisciplinary field of Biotechnology must merge and bring with the idea which can revolutionize the World.  Biotechnology 2020 is the place for the Collaboration of Biotechnologist, Molecular Biologist, Geneticist, Genetic Engineer, Industrialist, Chemical Engineers, Environmentalist, Nanotechnologist, Food technologist, Pharmaceutical Scientist, Market analyst to come up with a potential solution for the prevailing problems.

We believe there is always something to learn from Others and Biotechnology 2020 is the place for that.

Why in Paris, France?

Paris is a beautiful city with its tourist attraction made us to Organize the Conference. We believe that Paris is the perfect choice for a research vacation. Paris is the home for many next-generation Biotechnology Companies producing Innovative products.  I am sure that you will be having a very good experience with Paris in Our Conference and a pleasant memory to take home.



February 17, 2020
February 18, 2020