PYROLIQ II – 2023: Pyrolysis and Liquefaction of Biomass and Wastes

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Following the successful Pyroliq I conference held in Cork, Ireland, in 2019, and complementing the Pyro Conferences series, the Pyroliq II conference will be a forum for discussion of the recent advances in the pyrolysis and liquefaction technologies of biomass, organic residues and wastes to intermediate products like bio-oil, biochar, syngas and torrefied materials. This will include slow, intermediate and fast pyrolysis, hydropyrolysis, solvent liquefaction and hydrothermal processing. A special session will be dedicated to pyrolysis-liquefaction of wastes from fossil origin, such as plastics. The refining and/or upgrading of resulting product intermediates using standalone facilities or co-processed taking advantage of existing infrastructure will be also an important topic for this conference.

Final products are derived after proper fractionation, isolation, purification and/or upgrading, and contributions addressing the processing to marketable materials, chemicals and fuels are especially invited. This discussion will include techno-economic analyses and life cycle assessments.

The conference will also offer a platform to those who are able to report on commercially successful processes.

After the success of the first PyroLiq conference organized in Cork in 2019, we feel that this 2nd edition is timely, and that it will be an important event to foster friendly and deep face-to-face discussions that could further catalyze the growth of this industry.

Main Themes and Proposed Sessions

  1. Fundamentals of pyrolysis and liquefaction technologies, including lignin or cellulose depolymerization (reaction mechanisms in dry and solvent environments, reaction kinetics, product selectivity, effects of heat and mass transfer limitations, catalysis)
  2. Reactor development and modelling (testing and modelling of lab-scale units)
  3. Process development and integration (testing of fully continuous laboratory setups and pilot installations providing a full mass balance closure, including pre-treatment, reaction and product separation)
  4. Resources and feedstock characterization and pretreatment
  5. Product characterization, separation and upgrading (refers to chemical characterization, isolation, purification and post treatment / upgrading of fractions or single compounds from the first products of pyrolysis or liquefaction; this would also include catalytic hydro-processing of bio-oils)
  6. Development of added-value products and market studies (heat, electricity, fuels, chemicals and materials notably from lignin)
  7. Technical, economic and environmental feasibility studies
  8. Novelties (integration of electrochemistry, membranes, hydrogen, fuel cells, ionic liquids, molten salts, etc.)
  9. Pyrolysis or liquefaction of waste from fossil origin (e.g. plastics)
  10. Successful demonstration, scale-up and commercialization