Certification of a biochar product is valid for one year from the time of issue of the formal notification. Certification lapses at the end of the period unless renewed in accordance with the procedures in the IBI Certification Program Manual.

The products listed below are currently certified by the IBI.  No producer or manufacturer whose name and/or company logo, does not appear below, has a valid claim to IBI certification for any biochar product.

American Biochar Company

American Biochar Company markets NAKED Char an activated Biochar produced by fast pyrolysis at temperatures ranging from 550C – 900C and is made from 100% Southern Yellow Pine species (including long leaf, loblolly, short leaf & pond pine).

  • Low Ash, Close to Neutral pH, Moisture Stabilized, High Porosity

For more information on American Biochar Company, please see: www.ambiochar.com


Aries Clean Energy

Aries Clean Energy, LLC, based in Franklin, Tennessee, designs and builds innovative bio-based downdraft and fluidized bed gasification systems.

For more information on Aries Clean Energy, please see: www.ariescleanenergy.com



Bioforcetech Corporation (OurCarbon)

OurCarbon is a high-impact biochar product produced by Bioforcetech, a California based technology producer. Their mission supports the use of underutilized waste streams to capture the value of these materials, multiplying the biochar’s ancillary environmental impact.


Bluefield Renewable Energy (BRE)

Bluefield Renewable Energy (BRE) is a company incorporated in Singapore that uses a proprietary Thermo-Disintegration Waste-to-Resource (TDWR) technology to generate resources such as green electricity and high quality biochar from sustainable waste sources. BRE also converts biochar into other carbon derivatives like Soil Additives, Black Pellets, Carbon Black, Carbon Nanotubes, etc. We are a CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage) solution provider and a Climate Positive Company. www.bluefieldrenewable.com.


DOT Tool

We are a family-owned company located in Fayetteville, Tennessee, that produces biochar from post-production wood. Our biochar is responsibly made from American White Oak, which is very dense and an exceptional choice for making biochar.  We continue to find innovative ways to repurpose wood, and our latest endeavor involves the production of biochar as a soil enhancer & odor reducer.


enviraPAC Monticello, LLC

enviraPAC Monticello produces high quality, high fixed carbon biochar from local, SFI sourced pine wood chips in South East Arkansas and is backed up by a certified ISO9001 Quality Management System.

enviraCharTM is offered in both 5×35 Mesh Granular and Powder forms, available as small as 10 microns (d90), and has both low ash and very low moisture.

More information can be found at www.envira-pac.com.



Glanris makes a hybrid water filtration media from rice hulls.


Oregon Biochar Solutions

Oregon Biochar Solutions manufactures high carbon, low ash biochar. It is suitable for the creation of biochar-based soil amendment products,  water filtration and environmental remediation applications. Oregon Biochar Solutions manufacturers biochar at industrial volume, and can produce up to 50,000 cubic yards per year. Carbon Credits generated from the production of the biochar can be purchased from puro.earth.