Certification of a biochar product is valid for one year from the time of issue of the formal notification. Certification lapses at the end of the period unless renewed in accordance with the procedures in the IBI Certification Program Manual.

The products listed below are currently certified by the IBI.  No producer or manufacturer whose name and/or company logo, does not appear below, has a valid claim to IBI certification for any biochar product.

ALL Power Labs, Inc.

ALL Power Labs, Inc., based in Berkeley, California, is the global leader in small-scale gasification technology. We make biomass gasifier generators that are ready for everyday work, to serve real world distributed energy needs.

ALL Power Labs’ SkyCarbon biochar is a product of the Local Carbon Network.

For more information on , please see: www.allpowerlabs.com



Aries Clean Energy

Aries Clean Energy, LLC, based in Franklin, Tennessee, designs and builds innovative bio-based downdraft and fluidized bed gasification systems.

For more information on Aries Clean Energy, please see: www.ariescleanenergy.com



American Biochar Company

American Biochar Company markets NAKED Char an activated Biochar produced by fast pyrolysis at temperatures ranging from 550C – 900C and is made from 100% Southern Yellow Pine species (including long leaf, loblolly, short leaf & pond pine).

  • Low Ash, Close to Neutral pH, Moisture Stabilized, High Porosity

For more information on American Biochar Company, please see: www.ambiochar.com