Hosted by Biochar Technology Expert Akio Enders

In response to the growing number of requests that IBI receives related to biochar production technology, we are pleased to announce a new podcast series will debut in January 2022 that will dive deep into this topic hosted by Akio Enders.  This podcast will be free to all IBI members.

We will set the stage with an initial episode explaining pyrolysis in user-friendly terms:  its requirements, limitations, trends, and the various ways it can be accomplished. Each subsequent episode will feature an interview with a biochar technology manufacturer. Each manufacturer will describe what their company has to offer in terms of hardware and support, how their pyrolyzer is distinct from others in the field, and how their design fits in the larger picture of diverse biomass feedstocks carbonization and bioenergy production opportunities.

The podcast will cover engineering fundamentals like reactor architecture, feedstock throughput, and temperature range, as well as possible feedstock limitations like moisture and ash content, particle size, and flow characteristics. Furthermore, we will learn how each reactor utilizes syngas and process heat to benefit efficiency or generate co-products, and whether there is a tradeoff between design complexity, flexibility, and reliability.

The podcast will also address economic considerations. On the expense side we will learn about initial investment, and cost of ownership including routine maintenance and plant life cycle. On the revenue side, we will learn about demonstrated value streams; specifically, what applications the biochar has excelled at, what opportunity there is for income from heat and fuel co-products, and any successes in generating carbon credits.

Our hope is that this information will motivate entrepreneurs, investors, municipalities, and others with biomass resources at hand or in mind to take one step closer to realizing carbon sequestration and revenue generation through biochar. While podcasts do not offer the opportunity for questions and answers nor does IBI have the technical staff to assist with matching potential technology buyers to sellers, IBI has set up a new email address for technical questions relevant to the podcasts which will be monitored and a set of frequently asked questions with relevant answers will be posted.

Have a question for Akio to address on the following FAQ list?  Email him at

Biochar Technology FAQs

(FAQs forthcoming. Check back soon.)