Puro’s carbon removal marketplace

Recently the world’s first marketplace dedicated solely to carbon removal was given a test drive in Finland. Biochar was one of only 3 products included in the initial auctions. Lessons learned and next steps will be discussed as well as methodologies, life cycle assessment and feedback from buyers and sellers.

European biochar carbon sink trading

A European Biochar Industry Consortium is creating standards and business models to begin selling biochar based carbon sink certificates using block chain. We will hear more about these developments including:

Creation, calculation and certification of carbon sinks                          H.P. Schmidt

From carbon sink certificates to tradeable financial products               H. Junginger

Ecoregion Kaindorf Carbon Market           

Gerald Dunst, one of our hosts from the 2018 biochar study tour, will outline the highly successful voluntary carbon market that has incentivized Austrian farmers to build soil carbon.

Carbon Action

Carbon Action is an initiative of the Baltic Sea Action Group, a Finnish organization focused on increasing soil carbon, is working with Finnish farmers to educate, encourage, verify and incentivize methods of soil carbon sequestration. Dr. Jari Liski, a Research Professor from the Meteorological Institute, a partner in the Carbon Action initiative, will discuss the methods used for measuring soil carbon increases.