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Facetime can be defined as the time used in video chatting or video calling, an application developed by apple. It was introduced back in June 2010 and by then, it could only work on iOS 4, or on the apple I-phone 4, but later on it advanced to be used on more devices such as the I-pad 2, the mac computer and later on to the other devices. Compatible devices that support the app are however mostly the apple devices, such as iphone, i-pod, i-pad or mac computer as well as macbooks. For the Facetime For PC app to run between two devices, such as from i-pad to i-phone, both devices must have the app installed on each for the video communication to take place.

Facetime For PC cannot be used on windows but however there are alternatives such as skype, yahoo messenger, iMovicha, Google talk, facebook video chat, Tango, Google hang-outs. Skype: This is a premium voice over Internet Protocol service and instant messaging client developed by Microsoft client division. Developed back in 2003, it enables users to communicate both on video calling, as well as instant messaging services. It can also be used on mobile networks or over the Wi-Fi network. It works best over any bandwidth service.

Facetime Alternative options

Yahoo messenger: This is also an instant messaging and video calling client or service on a protocol provided by Yahoo It is supported by PCs phones as well as ipads or tablets. For communication between two devices to work, both devices should have the app installed. IMovicha: This is a software application developed that allows users to make voice calls and video calls over the internet protocol. This software also supports instant messaging, video conferencing as well as video or audio calls. It also supports different operating systems in mobile devices such as windows, android.

Os X : It has enhanced user experience using peer-to-peer technology; it is powerful and doesn’t have limits.

Tanqo: This is also an application for phone and video calling over Wi-Fi network or cellular networks for windows Operating System or android. Tango has the ability to show everything in full screen during the video call. It is also instant messaging services as well as free video calling services between devices that have the app installed on each.

Google talk: It is an app developed by Google for instant messaging and chat service integrated with Google Mail or available separately.
Google talk also has video calling services and was later replaced by Google hangout. Google hangouts: It can be defined as a free video chat service that enables single chats and group chats of up to 10 people at any particular time. As compared to Skype or Facebook video chat, they focus more on face-to-face interaction.

Facebook video chat: This is a free service provided by Skype which enables Facebook users to do one-to-one video chats with each other. One must have a Skype plugin for the feature to be used. In comparison to Facetime, these alternatives work almost in the same way and each device that is used for one-to-one communication must have the app installed.

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