October 2022 Update from IBI’s Interim Executive Director

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As we round the corner towards the looming New Year, IBI is entering a season of events – first up is COP27 (please contact me if you or your organization will be there, too), and, on a much smaller, more focused scale, IBI’s 2nd annual virtual symposium, “Raising Climate Ambitions with Biochar.”

First, though, please welcome IBI’s newest staff member, Mehdeen Abbasi, Fundraising Manager! IBI will benefit from her international experience and passion for climate solutions. I also wanted to share that I’ve transitioned from Communications Director to Interim Executive Director, and am grateful to the Board of Directors for the confidence to allow me to lead IBI in this high growth time.

Back to events:  we just finished IBI’s first time at VERGE, the Greenbiz-organized climate tech event in San Jose, CA. Joined by nearly ten IBI members, including ALL Power Labs (helping power the VERGE microgrid) Aries Clean Technologies, Base Carbon, Carbonfuture, Corigin Solutions, Inc., Geca, Novocarbo, Puro.earth, and the US Biochar Initiative. We were excited to meet many new friends who are interested in how biochar can help their decarbonization / net zero / sustainability / ESG pathways, including private sector, aligned NGOs, and government bodies.

Focusing next on COP27, IBI will be holding two panels with partners:  The first will be on 11 Nov. at the International Federation of the Red Cross pavilion in the Green Zone, with IBI Members Carbon Base and Trinity Biocarbon, examining carbon removals and sustainable agriculture.

The second panel will be “Just Transition to Green Coffee” on 15 Nov. 2022 at 9:00-10:30 am EET in the UN Development Program Pavilion in the Blue Zone, featuring IBI Members NetZero, as well as Fairtrade International and the Lavazza coffee company.

Finally, we look forward to gathering, virtually, with many of you 6 – 8 December 2022 at IBI’s second annual symposium, Raising Climate Ambitions with Biochar. Over the three days, we’ll focus on quantifying biochar’s impact for scaled carbon removal, now and as the industry grows and scales. Learn more here and register to get the Early Bird tickets before 11 Nov.!

As always, reach out with any questions, news, jobs, or (non-promotional) updates you’d like IBI to share with the more than 23,000 email subscribers and if you’re not a member yet, learn about IBI membership.

– Wendy Lu McGill
Interim Executive Director