The NGO ERGa is a registered non-profit association supporting Montenegro researchers, commercial entities, development agents, farmers, and others committed to supporting sustainable biochar utilization systems that remove carbon from the atmosphere and enhance the earth’s soils. The Association was founded by representatives from Montenegro, commercial ventures with a general interest in promoting the research, development, demonstration, use and commercialisation of the potential technology of biochar production in Montenegro.

We hope that the candidate status for EU membership for our present strong incentives for further and stronger activity in the field of strengthening and developing sectors of Environmental Management and climate change in Montenegro. We believe that the realization of our project can give an impetus to the development of the Environmental Management and climate change in Montenegro and raising awareness for Montenegrin citizens.

We are interested in the transfer of knowledge; it is important to Montenegro because it will facilitate information sharing on optimization of research achieved and therefore overcome lack of information in our research community. Exchanges between Montenegro and partner institutions as well as transfer of knowledge and dissemination of information to the Environmental Management and climate change to the researches will accelerate the innovations for the Environmental Management and climate change.

For more information, please contact Cavor Savo-direktor