Australia New Zealand Biochar Initiative (ANZBI) was launched at ANZBC17 in Murwillumbah, N.S.W. on August 10, 2017. In the lead up to the launch, consultation was sort from Tom Miles, Chair of the International Biochar Initiative, the majority of committee members of ANZBRN and members of the ANZBC17 working group. The majority agreed that it was a good idea to build on work carried by ANZBRN.

The main aim and objective of ANZBI is to follow through on this research and development work advocated by ANZBRN for the support of successful commercialisation and industry development of Biochar within an Australia and New Zealand context.

In its 1st year, 60+ members have enjoyed as part of their membership, recordings of presentations, demonstrations and workshops from ANZBC17, been part of an ongoing webinar series, discounts to books and the annual ANZ Biochar Conference as well access to the member’s directory and library of research and commercial applications. ANZBI has a committee of eight with members representing N.S.W., Victoria, Queensland & New Zealand. For more information visit

Another aim and objective of ANZBI is to form an ANZ Biochar Task Force which will be announced and meet for the first time at ANZBC18 The task force terms of reference will be to advise the ANZBI Committee on matters on Federal and State/Territory opportunities and challenges for the biochar sector in Australia and New Zealand, assist in the development of the annual advocacy strategy relating to biochar, contribute to the preparation of submissions to government, contribute to the preparation of ANZBI policy position statements, advise on opportunities and focus areas for events, programs and campaigns, advise the ANZBI Committee on topics for the conference, engage with the membership in knowledge-sharing and advise on topics for seminars, meetings, workshops, webinars and website information.

For more info or to join ANZBI please visit our website @ or email

ANZBI Organisational Members Woodfordia Inc. and Biochar for Sustainable Soils Project (B4SS)