Biochar-Ontario is a volunteer organization of citizens of Ontario, Canada. Biochar Ontario aspires to be the lead promoter and facilitator for all aspects of research, application, and dissemination of information relating to biochar in Ontario. It is a separate entity with a different board of directors, although it is closely affiliated with the Canadian Biochar Initiative (CBI). The mission of Biochar Ontario is to promote biochar as a vehicle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve soil fertility, and enhance food security by advocating research, development and commercialization of biochar.

Biochar Ontario intends to focus on education and awareness; regulatory and public policy advocacy; research investment advocacy; and commercial deployment advocacy.

Our focus in the short term will be to prepare promotional materials for Earth Day 2009, and the “Green Toronto” Festival in July. Members of Biochar-Ontario will be assembling a number of introductory informational presentations about various aspects of biochar over the coming months, including but not limited to: Biochar for Dummies; Benefits of Biochar to the Developing World and in Canada; and A Summary of the Newcastle 2008 Conference.

Biochar-Ontario has held three executive meetings in Ontario. The first one was on January 22, 2009, the second on February 23, 2009, and the third March 26, 2009.

We do not have an office location at this time, however we can be reached by contacting Lloyd Helferty, Engineering Technologist, Thornhill, ON, Canada,  905-707-8754 ; 647-886-8754 (cell). For more information, please see: