Biochar Quebec is a non-profit organization currently in development, that serves as the focal point for the promotion of biochar in Quebec as a strategic vector for sustainable development. Biochar Quebec brings together researchers, entrepreneurs, scientists, students and concerned citizens alike.

Our mission

Biochar Quebec’s mission is to promote the production and use of biochar as a strategic vehicle for sustainable development, to reduce pollutant runoff of fertilizers and pesticides into nearby waters, fight climate change and increase food security by improving soil quality, and this, through the promotion of research and development, production and marketing of biochar.

Our objectives:

  • Identify potential uses of biochar: environmental, energy, agriculture, municipal waste, metal, soil remediation etc..;
  • Identify potential biochar feedstocks and biochar providers;
  • Target research projects that will increase the level of knowledge about the virtues of biochar;
  • Support the establishment of pilot projects;
  • Provide a networking platform to members and interest groups

For any questions on the organization, past or upcoming activities, feel free to contact Olivier Kolmel, Coordinator Biochar Quebec

Recent Events

Dec 14 2010 – McGill University – Agriculture Campus, Montreal QC.: Members of Biochar Quebec gathered for a strategic planning retreat.

Nov 18 2010 – Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada (ICCC), in Montreal Qc. – Biochar-Quebec along with local academics, and a representative of the Quebec Minster of Economy (MDEIE) met with delegates from the Fondazione Edmund Mach of Trento, Italy, for a presentation on work being done around genetics, and biochar. This was also an exploratory session for potential areas of collaboration.

August 2009: A first meeting was done in August 2009 with a variety of actors in the field, where we were able to generate the proper interest, and a list of members (interested parties) to form the group. It was also an occasion to visit field trials of Biochar. Since, we have provided the Quebec government with one memoir, and are handing in another at the federal level, today, in collaboration with the Canadian Biochar Initiative, Biochar-Ontario and Prairies Biochar Initiative. We have organized two presentations, on different occasions, at McGill University, with a guest speaker from the biochar/activated carbon industry in the USA, and a biosludge expert from the Minister of Environment in Quebec. Another visit of a biochar process was done in collaboration with our affilaites in Ontario.