Changes to the IBI Biochar Certification Program may be warranted over time to improve either the program or the process, or to reflect updates to the IBI Biochar Standards. As biochar science continues to improve, the IBI Biochar Standards, the IBI Biochar Certification Program, and/or its related program materials will be updated in order to remain current. Revisions may be warranted due to public comments, experience with program implementation, and/or technological, scientific, and regulatory developments.

IBI will immediately communicate any revisions and their impact(s) to IBI’s distribution list and to current IBI Biochar Certification Program participants, registrants, and applicants. The most current versions of the IBI Biochar Certification Program and information about program developments will be dated and posted and publicly available on this website. Program revisions are considered adopted on the date they are posted on IBI’s website. Note that any revisions to the IBI Biochar Certification Program will not affect active IBI-approved biochar certifications (i.e. in the approved 12-month window) or applications in progress (i.e. registrations that were entered into IBI’s system prior to the effective date of a revision), but will be required for any future IBI Biochar Certification applications and renewals.

Interested members of the public can receive announcements and program updates by joining IBI as a paying member or as a network contact. More information on how to become a dues-paying IBI Member or a Non-member Contact is available at You can reach us directly at