Dr. Suzanne Allaire

Suzanne Allaire, Ph.D. has been working in environmental science for more than 25 years. she has collaborated with a wide range of industries, private companies, government agencies and research institutions to reduce the impact of humans on the environment by adding value to residues, protecting soil and improving carbon balances; the last 13 years being mainly on biochar and pyrolysis of residues. She has worked as a full professor at Laval University for 16 years, then developed her own business. AS owner of GECA Environnement, she works as an expert on biochar, pyrolysis products and their markets along with optimisation of their properties for their best usages. She supports municipalities, companies and organizations in various aspects of pyrolysis projects such as selection of technology, market development, R & D, project management, biochar analyzes and uses, quality control, etc. She is a board member of the International Biochar Initiative and has written over 500 publications related to environment, given hundreds of lectures in various countries.