Nadav Ziv

Nadav Ziv (BSc- Basic Medical Science, MSc- Clinical Biochemistry, PhD- Medical Neurobiology). The transition to life at Kibbutz Almog exposed me to a huge problem of agricultural wastes. In the past 9 years I have built series of simple pyrolysis kilns for biochar production as a solution to the pruning problem. During these years, I experienced wood biochar practice in experimental collaboration with research institutes and universities in Israel. In 2019 I left the academic life and established Earth Biochar ltd as a partnership with Israel’s biggest composting facility (Compost OR ltd). From 2020 we develop our biochar products using the CPP200, a continuous pyrolysis machine (Earth Systems, Melbourne, Australia). We test our CompoChar- a biochar-based growing media at our greenhouse. Our CompoChar is made of mix of agricultural and municipal green waste with municipal sewage sludge compost pyrolyzed together. Without proper care these valuable materials would burn back into the atmosphere or be buried and contaminate the soil.