Application Form for IBI Biochar Certification Renewal

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This application form must be completed (45) days prior to the expiration date of your current IBI Certified™ biochar.


*This marks the end of the online IBI Certification Renewal Application, however there is additional information required to be done via IBI’s Certification Manager, Dr. David Wayne. Dr. Wayne will contact you upon the conclusion of this preliminary review.


The processing fee for IBI Certification Renewal is $500 ($USD). IBI accepts payment by credit card or check. Payment will be made upon the conclusion of Dr. Wayne’s final review of all documentation supplied.


As the person submitting this application for IBI biochar certification, I acknowledge and adhere to IBI’s terms and conditions of use. Additionally, if associated with an organization or company, I confirm that I am a person in a position to make decisions and sign contractual agreements on behalf of that organization or company.

I confirm I have reviewed the prerequisite documents, IBI Biochar StandardsThe IBI Biochar Certification Program: Requirements and Procedures for Biochar Certification Program Manual, and IBI Certified Biochar Seal: Guidelines and Usage Requirements and agree to the terms and requirements specified in these documents. In summary, I agree to the following declarations: