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Overview of the program

Note that the IBI Biochar Certification Program does not certify any other product, including a product mixed with biochar, nor does the IBI Biochar Certification Program certify biochar systems, processes, technologies, or equipment related to the production of biochar, whether proprietary or otherwise. The IBI Biochar Certification Program also does not address issues of sustainability, energy or greenhouse gas balance, or life cycle analysis.

Program Goals

A primary goal of the IBI Biochar Certification Program is to create consumer and marketplace certainty around biochar by creating a standardized, recognized system to certify biochar that meets the IBI Biochar Standards. The IBI Biochar Standards ensure that biochar materials intended for application to soils meet minimal physicochemical properties and safety tests designed to identify the presence of certain potential toxicants.

IBI believes that globally-developed, science-based, transparent standards and certification opportunities for biochar materials will provide market and investor assurances that are necessary to drive commercialization of this important industry.

Benefits of IBI Biochar Certification

The biochar community recognizes IBI as a credible brand. Buyers are assured that biochar with the IBI CertifiedTM biochar seal meets the IBI Biochar Standards for material characteristics and passes screening tests for certain potential toxicants. Through this program, IBI offers biochar manufacturers and consumers product differentiation and quality assurances in a rapidly-growing marketplace.

Biochar manufacturers are required to label their certified biochar in a specific way that informs buyers of the properties of the biochar they are buying. Click here to find out more about labeling requirements under the IBI Biochar Certification Program.

If you have questions about the IBI Biochar Certification Program please email us at certification@biochar-international.org.

Geographic Restriction

Phase 1 of the IBI Biochar Certification Program is focused only on implementation in the United States and Canada. Until further notice, IBI will only accept applications from biochar manufacturers in the United States and Canada. This restriction is necessary because the IBI must be able to protect the trademark against unauthorised use in any territory in which it is issued, to preserve its value.  IBI intends to expand the IBI Biochar Certification Program scope internationally in the future as resources (to obtain the necessary legal advice and mechanisms) permit.

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