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Stockholm Biochar Project Presentations

*Presentations greater than 2MB have been broken into parts for uploading to IBI’s website.

Welcome and Introduction (1.9 MB), Kathleen Draper, IBI Board Member and Information Hub Committee Chair

Building Support for Urban Biochar ProductionMattias Gustafsson, Project Manager, Stockholm Biochar Project

Benefits & Uses of Biochar in Urban LandscapesBjorn Embren

Sustainable District HeatingKåre Gustafsson, Fortum Värme

Life Cycle Assessment and Climate Change Mitigation (1.9 MB), Cecilia Sundberg, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

A Novel Biochar Production TechnologyCarbonZero

Carbon Credit System for Soils & the Challenging Biochar MarketSonnenerde

Capture+ A Dawn for Biochar in NorwayErik Joner, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Department of Natural Resources

District Heating & Biochar from Agricultural Residues and trials with biochar for Sports FieldsDavid Andersson, ECOERA AB