Updated January 2015 – Phase 1

Information on Testing Categories and Test Methods

Biochar manufacturers and testing laboratories should review the following sections in the IBI Biochar Standards Version 2.1 for detailed information on all required and optional tests:

  • Section 4 – Biochar Material Test Categories and Characteristics. Please review Tables 1, 2 and 3 which list the parameters to be tested and their required test methods in each of three IBI biochar testing categories:
    • Test Category A – Basic Utility Properties (required)
    • Test Category B – Toxicant Assessment (required)
    • Test Category C – Advanced Analysis and Soil Enhancement Properties (optional)
  • Appendix 5 – Recommended General Sample Analysis Procedures and Protocols for Specific Tests. Additional information is given in this appendix on sample handling and processing, as well as expanded instructions on the following tests:
    • pH and electrical conductivity – combined approach
    • Germination inhibition assay
    • Surface area – total and external

Test Methods to be Used

Please note that it is an IBI Biochar Certification Program requirement that the specific test methods listed for each parameter in Section 4 of the IBI Biochar Standards be utilized for all required tests. No alternative testing methods will be accepted.

Please click here to view tables of the required test methods for each parameter in Test Categories A, B and C.

As a courtesy, IBI provides copies of the test methods for the parameters listed below. Copies of test methods for parameters not listed below can be obtained free or for purchase from the publisher.

Category A test methods

Category B test methods

Category C test methods