Updated August 2014 – Phase 1

Usage Requirements

logoIBI has specific rules governing the use of the IBI CertifiedTM biochar seal. Obtaining IBI certification approval of your biochar authorizes you to use the IBI CertifiedTM biochar seal on IBI CertifiedTM biochar. Please review IBI CertifiedTM biochar seal: Guidelines and Usage Requirements for full details on seal usage and labeling requirements.

General Requirements and Packaging

The IBI CertifiedTM biochar seal can only be affixed on biochar that has been certified by IBI as part of its IBI Biochar Certification Program. This includes:

  1. The use of the IBI CertifiedTM biochar seal on biochar (unpackaged products), biochar in individual packaging, containers, wrapping, etc. or on large boxes, crates, etc used for transportation of products; or
  2. The use of the IBI CertifiedTM biochar seal on documentation associated with the IBI certified biochar (e.g. invoice, packaging list, advertisement, brochure, etc.) where the use of the IBI CertifiedTM biochar seal refers to the IBI CertifiedTM biochar(s).

Any IBI CertifiedTM biochar seal usage that can be perceived or understood by buyers or the public as referring to a specific biochar is considered on-product usage.

Manufacturers will be required to date stamp their biochar check where to buy stamps online, “Produced and Certified to Applicable IBI Standards on <<DATE>>”. This allows manufacturers to sell their product with the IBI CertifiedTM biochar seal at any time so long as the seal was applied during a timeframe in which certification was valid.

Blended Biochar Products

Manufacturers and/or sellers of blended biochar products that contain IBI CertifiedTM biochar(s) are authorized to display the following, “Made with IBI CertifiedTM Biochar (Certification Number <<insert certification number received from producer>>)” along with the IBI CertifiedTM biochar seal, so long as they comply with the labeling requirements. The words, “Made with” must not be less than 25% of the scale of the IBI CertifiedTM biochar seal – to ensure that there is absolutely no confusion regarding the contents of the package (i.e. that the package contains a blended biochar product and is not purely IBI CertifiedTM biochar). Manufacturers and/or sellers of products made with IBI CertifiedTM biochar can obtain graphic files for the black and white and color versions of the seal from the biochar manufacturer or directly from IBI, by submitting a request to certification@biochar-international.org.

Biochar Labeling Requirements

As specified in the IBI Biochar Standards and in conjunction with IBI CertifiedTM biochar seal usage, manufacturers of biochar that has been certified by IBI will be required to provide information about the feedstock and biochar in a standardized format as recommended by IBI. It is important that biochar characteristics, test results, and feedstock origins be labeled in a uniform way to communicate useful and meaningful information to end-consumers. For further information on labeling instructions, please review Section 5 and Appendix 1 of the IBI Biochar Standards.

Other labeling requirements may be imposed by international, national, federal, provincial, state, or local laws and regulations. As needed, biochar producers should review applicable laws and regulations, confer with regulators, and consult with a qualified attorney.

Please review IBI CertifiedTM Biochar SealGuidelines and Usage Requirements for full details on seal usage and labeling requirements.

Any biochar manufacturer found to be in violation of the IBI Biochar Certification Program requirements may be subject to enforcement actions as allowable by law, including suspension/revocation of the agreement to use the IBI CertifiedTM biochar seal.