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Biochar Use in Capping Abandoned Oil & Gas Wells

April 18, 2022 – 1:00 – 2:30 pm ET (US)

Abandoned oil and gas wells may number close to 29 million globally with more than 3 million in the US alone.  Many of these are emitting significant amounts of methane, estimated at 2.5M tons per year. Due to methane’s outsized impact on climate change, there is increased urgency to reduce these drastically and rapidly.

Recent pilot projects in the US have demonstrated that biochar can be used to both cap wells and remediate toxins that often contaminate ecosystems around wells. Wells provide a safe, beneficial, long-term sequestration opportunity for biochar. Using biochar to cap wells can also significantly reduce the amount of concrete, the traditional material of choice for capping, thereby further reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to the production of concrete. Using a material such as biochar may also provide a more resilient cap that is less susceptible to degradation caused by seismic activity.

Mark Mersman, a co-founder of OFX EcoSolutions, will outline the process, climate and environmental benefits as well as future possibilities for using biochar to cap abandoned wells and mines.

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Mark Mersman – OFX EcoSolutions

A veteran in origination, negotiation and structuring of several successful startups and exits, Mark has helped build the exceptional teams necessary to have launched and nurture more than a dozen respected companies over the last fifteen years. Today, he is excited to be focused primarily on the development of carbon offsets through eco-focused remediation efforts within the oil & gas and mining sectors.

Prior to co-founding OFX EcoSolutions, Mark founded Offset Energy Partners, Inc. Both companies are focused on the emerging carbon markets and serve a critical role in the development of carbon offsets through providing eco-focused reclamation and remediation services within the oil & gas and mining sectors. Mark is also a founder and managing partner in Kola Venture Group which has holdings in various cannabinoid ventures focused on ailment specific therapeutics. His responsibilities there have focused on product and brand development as well as operations.

Moderator:  Kathleen Draper

Kathleen is the Board Chair of the International Biochar Initiative. She is also the US Director of the Ithaka Institute for Carbon Intelligence. The Institute is an open source network focusing on beneficial carbon sequestration strategies which simultaneously provide economic development opportunities both in the developed and developing world. In 2020 she helped launch C-interest, a start-up focused on creating biochar based composite materials. She has written extensively about various topics related to biochar and is a co-author of the book “Terra Preta: How the World’s Most Fertile Soil Can Help Reverse Climate Change and Reduce World Hunger” and “BURN: Using Fire to Cool the Earth”.