CONTACT: Kathleen Draper

The International Biochar Initiative (IBI) is honored to announce it has received a five-year capacity building grant from the Woka Foundation.  This grant totaling $1,850,000 will enable IBI to help catalyze the sustainable development of the biochar industry and optimize biochar’s capacity to promote soil health, climate change mitigation and environmental stewardship.

Woka Foundation executive Barbara Karplus had this to say about the grant to IBI; “The International Biochar Initiative is the only organization working globally to disseminate biochar research results and educate stakeholders on uses, metrics, and best practices. Woka Foundation views an investment in IBI as a lever to promote the responsible manufacture and use of biochar in diverse applications to mitigate climate change while improving soils and materials.”

The grant will enable IBI to hire an Executive Director, Director of Development and additional subject matter experts to help sustainably scale the biochar industry.  Key activities include:

  • Update the IBI Global Biochar Survey;
  • Develop a strategic plan to ensure continued sustainability of the organization;
  • Update and expand biochar standards and a certification program to support the growing number of carbon marketplaces that include biochar as a CO2 removal strategy;
  • Expand biochar educational opportunities and materials for key stakeholders; and
  • Leverage funds to expand smallholder demonstrations, case studies and white papers.

IBI is grateful for and excited about Woka Foundation’s funding. Updates on activities and opportunities resulting from this funding will be posted on  IBI’s website as well as in the IBI monthly newsletter.

About Woka Foundation

Woka Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Private Foundation, whose mission is to “help create a just world that values environmental vitality and recognizes the dignity of all peoples.”  In support of this mission, Woka Foundation focuses on reversing climate change and building a durable biosphere through scientific innovation, regenerative agriculture, gender equity, and education.

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About IBI

The International Biochar Initiative (IBI) is a registered non-profit organization that serves as an international platform for the exchange of information and activities in support of biochar research, development, demonstration and commercialization. IBI participants comprise a consortium of researchers, commercial entities, policy makers, development agents, farmers and gardeners and others committed to supporting sustainable biochar production and utilization systems that remove carbon from the
atmosphere and enhance the earth’s soils.

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