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Thank you to all who participated in the Finland Study Tour! You helped make this the most successful and best attended Study Tour to date!

Study Tour Presentations:

A Circular Economy Solution for the Rice Industry (8.6 MB)

Biochar Based Building Materials (5.3 MB)

Biochar Products that ‘Future Proof’ the Urban Forest (24.7 MB)

BiokW Gasification Technology (3.7 MB)

Biomass Into Activated Carbon (1.6 MB)

Biomass Drawdown for Cities (Carbon Lane Project) (5.6 MB)

Carbonizing Sewage Sludge (1.7 MB)

Carbon Negative District Heating (2.4 MB)

Carbon Negative Heating and Cooling with Carbofex (5 MB)

Creation Calculation and Certification of Carbon Sinks (6 MB)

Eco-region Kaindorf’s Carbon Market (42.5 MB)

From Carbon Sink Certificates to Tradeable Financial Instruments (2.7 MB)

Large Scale Pyrolysis in Green Houses (146 MB)

Market Opportunities in Carbon Trading (765 KB)

Puro CO2 Removal Trading (6.9 MB)

Pyrolysis Liquids the Forgotten Business (3.9 MB)

Stockholm Biochar Project (5.3 MB)

Syncraft Gasification Technology Electricity Generation Biochar (4.1 MB)

Think Global Act Local PyCCS as a NET with Benefits (9.1 MB)

Validating Soil Carbon Sinks (6.7 MB)

Nature-based remediation for soil heaps: Reducing the impact of diffuse pollution (23 MB)

Download the full agenda here. (428 kb)


2019 IBI Biochar Study Tour Spotlight: Carbofex OY


2019 IBI Biochar Study Tour Spotlight: Carbon Sink Trading



September 4, 2019
September 6, 2019