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About the Symposium

For more than a decade, scientists, environmentalists and a growing number of public policymakers have considered biochar an intriguing technology with the potential to utilize biomass waste streams and improve soil fertility.  More recently, innovators and early adopters have come to consider biochar as a viable, profitable and effective environmental instrument for sequestering carbon, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and providing a wide array of uses including: remediating pollution in soil and water; incorporating biochar into construction materials for buildings and roads; and, producing clean, renewable energy among other uses.  Biochar is on the verge of an explosive expansion based upon its many beneficial applications, but especially due to its ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Biochar’s debut on carbon removal markets has been a game changer since it was first accepted as a removal product in 2019.

On December 7 through 9, 2021, the International Biochar Initiative (IBI) in collaboration with the U.S. Biochar Initiative will host a symposium focused on the Business of Biochar.  The purpose of this event is to share information concerning the opportunities for growth, investment and the business development prospects for biochar.

Participants will receive new information on what the growth of this game-changing technology can mean for global markets and the environment.  Speakers will provide up-to-date assessments on the potential of carbon markets and policy advancements that are contributing to a healthy growth forecast, and they will identify the impediments to growth that may prevent the development of the industry unless these barriers are removed or changed. In addition, representatives of carbon marketplaces, carbon removal buyers and investors will discuss the rapidly evolving carbon removal markets and how and why demand for biochar-based credits is exploding.  Finally, in an adaptation of a popular television program, startup biochar entrepreneurs will have a chance to present short video presentations to pitch their enterprise as a target for investment.

We hope you will join us for this exciting and informative three-day session in December.

Program at a Glance

*Click on the links for more information on each day and session.  (Downloadable PDF)

DAY ONE: Scaling Biochar

  • Session 1a: Opportunities, Roadblocks, Policies
  • Session 1b: Academic Progress & Future Research Needs
  • Session 1c: Commercial Status around the Globe

DAY TWO: Biochar Carbon Markets

  • Session 2a: Voluntary Carbon Markets
  • Session 2b: Demand Perspectives for Biochar-Based Carbon Removal Credits
  • Session 2c: Sales Side Perspectives for Biochar-Based Carbon Removal Credits

DAY THREE: Char Tank!

  • Session 3a: Financing Biochar Opportunities
  • Session 3b: Biochar Start Ups Perspective on Investors Prospecting
  • Session 3c: The Future of Biochar


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