Training the Future of Biochar Industry
Training the Future of the Biochar Industry

This June, IBI launched the inaugural Biochar Academy: an in-person and online learning project modeling a train-the-trainers education approach to develop a global biochar workforce.

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Sustainable biochar is a powerfully simple tool to fight global warming.

Sustainable biochar

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IBI provides a platform for fostering stakeholder collaboration, good industry practices, and environmental and ethical standards to support biochar systems that are safe and economically viable One billion tons of biochar produced per year within 50 years.

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Biochar increases soil health, sustainability and reduces the effects of climate change. Donate today to help us do more! IBI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit NGO.

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Welcome to IBI’s Membership Program. Thank you for supporting an international community of biochar professionals and supporters. We hope that you will enjoy the many benefits of IBI membership and we thank you for supporting an organization at the forefront of advancing biochar research and implementation worldwide.

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